Green Apple

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Green Apple is a Portuguese brand specialized in the design and production of luxury furniture. By combining the talent of its designers with the artistry of its craftsmen, unique and timeless pieces are created, launching the "Made in Portugal" to the international market. 

 Press Releases

  • Green Apple is a success story, born from the brilliant minds of Sérgio Rebola and Rute Martins, a couple of economists with a master in business management, passionate and expert in luxury items that has focused its standards at the service of its customers and founded the company mission on meeting the needs of the most demanding.

    A story made of talent, work, resilience, vision and strategy, which allowed the two partners to become enviable players in the production and export of luxury goods in markets as diverse as extensive as the American, Asian and European ones, and to build a strong and solid reputation as a result of their coherence and excellence.

    At the base of everything there is, in fact, perfectionism and obsession with details. A rigorous process that, to ensure the highest quality, implies a meticulous control of all the phases, from the materials, the shapes, the design and the production process. Equally important is the symbiosis between the designer and the artisans who, in sinergy, create unique pieces.

    Reconciling success with art, Green Apple today transcends boundaries and with its products carries the Portuguese flag all over the world and offers an exclusive design and a distinct service. 

  • It all started in 2005 when two young Portuguese entrepreneurs decided to create and develop a brand. A brand that had to be a symbol of prestige and quality assurance focused on the creation of small objects and accessories.

    For five years the Green Apple was growing more but focused primarily on the national market.

    The demands of the market made the company rethink the course and bet on the international market. The requirement, however, was different from that demanded by the national market.

    Never forgetting the origins, where the soul of the company, the inspiration and roots of each piece is created, Green Apple is now present in the most prestigious trade shows around the world.

    High quality of products and service, the perfectionism embedded in the products and the desire of special projects depict the universe of Green Apple experiences and talents.

    Companies are made by people. For people. At Green Apple we see human factor as a differentiating element for our brand and products It is through people that our products come to life. And its for them that we create them, with all our passion and dedication. It is something that is in our DNA, our values, and its part of our roots.

    Today, Green Apple is a Portuguese's brand specialized in the design and production of luxury furniture . By combining the talent of its designers with artistry of its craftsmen, unique and timeless pieces are created, launching the "Made of Portugal" to the international market.


  • Bongó Cabinet
    Wooden bar cabinet lacquered in high-gloss bronze powder Champagne. Sliding doors in polished Sahara Noir marble. Interior with cup holders, bottle holders and 2 drawers in Walnut and back in polished Patagonia Granite with LED lighting....

  • Granite with LED lighting. Legs and handles in oxidized brass.
  • Laurence Chair
    Wooden chair with arms upholstered in yellow velvet....

  • This piece was designed to be a sensorial trigger. 
    Handmade with premium materials, this all around chair has beauty and versatility.

  • Twins Sofa
    3 seat wooden sofa upholstered in cream fabric. Base lacquered in semi-gloss black.

    Wooden Chaise Longue upholstered in cream fabric. Base lacquered in semi-gloss light grey....

  • Twins, but not all twins are identical. There are pairs with different personalities and identities but somehow fit together. This is the inspiration for the Sofa and Chaise Longue that complement each other...
  • Ferreirinha Table
    Dining table for 6 seats with one leg in American Oak finished in matte black and the other upholstered in dark red leather with details in iron finished in semi-gloss light oxidized gold. Top in matte Calacatta Black Veins....

  • Inspired in Dª Antónia “Ferreirinha”, a Woman with a marked place in the history of Port Wine’s internationalization.


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