• Booth: 3133

M   A   T   E   R   I   A

High-end, design furniture brand

Bucharest, Romania

ICFF New York Premiere

MATERIA's philosophy is non-dualistic, the objects and ideas originate in the genuine condition of raw materials in which the weight of material – be it light or heavy – is part of its constituent value. The materials used can sometimes be reclaimed, sometimes raw or precious, but they always have an intense expressive power. Inspired by materials, the shapes, volumes, and lines are kept in a minimalist aesthetics with monumental, brutalist traits. 

MATERIA aims at bringing back and valuing the human makers in objects that are personal, expressive, and bearing the artisan fingerprints. The traditional craftsmanship is mixed with experimental procedures to transform the matter into statement pieces with unexpected textures. 

We are looking forward to meeting you at our booth #3133.

Cristian and Andrei




  • Alkar
    A monumental statement piece that reference modern altar tables, with a bold geometry inspired by brutalist architecture. Materials: wood, charred wood and solid brass....

  • A monumental statement piece that reference modern altar tables, with a bold geometry inspired by brutalist architecture.

    The table top, with its impressive thickness, is constructed using solid tropical hardwood, with elements that run the entire lenght.

    Alkar table comes in 3 material variants: solid wood, charred wood and Fenix NTM - an award winning innovative nanotech matt material. 

    The base feature a detail of polished, brushed, silvered or blackend solid brass. 

  • 0stinato Table
    An International Award winning design winner, Ostinato is an object that explore rhythm and repetition as ways to transform materials....

  • Ostinato is a design object that explore rhythm and repetition as ways to transform materials. A dimensional, linear, rigorous and repetitive pattern is over-imposed on the natural fiber of solid wood to create a rich texture, an enhanced sense of materiality. 
    Ostinato is a quietly majestic piece with a pedestal silhouette in clean, minimalist lines, handcrafted from rich materials such as European walnut, and a type of Nero Marquina marble rich in distinct fossilized shells of marine animals.

    The table central pillar is constructed in solid European walnut which has been milled on a special device designed and build specifically for this project in order to carve the parallel lines into the material. The marble top is reinforced with a steel plate. The table is meant to be shipped in two pieces, the assembly is very easy to do, the table top is simply rotated to screw into the wood base. 
    The materials chosen are of best quality: solid walnut wood (60mm thickness), and a special type of Nero Marquina marble that feature very  well preserved marine fossils. The wood is oil finished, the marble is sealed for increased protection agains acidic liquids and food stains. 

  • Kalas
    A low coffee table with a simple geometry that features a juxtaposition of raw and polished materials....

  • This coffee table is all about the juxtaposition of raw and polished materials. The sides are closed by pannels of solid brushed brass that raise above the table top surface creating an interesting detail.
    The table tops come in a variety of marbles that have been selected for the dramatic veins and colour contrasts.

  • Ondo
    A table with a slender silhouette and heavy materials....

  • A table with a slender, minimalist silhouette. The rectangle frame is contrasted with a diagonal line that is both fuctional and and element that bring dinamism. 

    The minimalist, clean lines are meant to bring into focus the gorgeous intricate structural configuration of the two materials: the mineral structures of marble and the rich vegetal texture of solid European walnut. 

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