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The Belgian design company Basalte offers a stunning range of design products for high-end Smart Homes, made of top-quality materials in a refined design. Basalte’s product range includes design touch switches for intuitive light, shade, scene, temperature and even music control! Additionally, they make a flush, almost invisible motion sensor and minimalist, aluminum iPad mounts. Today, Basalte works with architects, installers and affluent customers in more than 60 countries worldwide. All Basalte products are handmade and widely available in the US & Canada.

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  • For the first time at ICFF, the Belgian manufacturer Basalte presents its design technology solutions for premium smart homes. 

    After winning more than 35 international design awards, Basalte continues to grab the attention with beautiful technology products that offer many functionalities,
    are easy to use and are handmade with high-quality finishes.  Basalte’s product range includes design touch switches for intuitive control of lights, shades, climate and even music! Additionally, they offer a flush miniature motion sensor, minimalist iPad mounts and many more.

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    Originally founded by an interior designer and smart home integrator, Basalte continues to exude quality in every aspect: whether it is about the materials, design, usability or functionalities. The core idea is to create a uniform and elegant way of control in combination with a reliable and high-quality home automation system. The many design awards are a great reward for Basalte’s continuous commitment to accessible technology and qualitative design.

    Design products for smart homes
    Basalte solutions are conceived to fit your design language. Designers get a flexible choice of finishes to match the switches with the other interior accents in architectural hardware, cabinets etc. The underlying technology in its turn provides many functionalities with an unequalled ease of use. All Basalte products are  handmade in Belgium to the highest production standards.

    Learn more about the individual products in the product overview. All of them integrate with Crestron, Lutron and KNX home automation systems.

    Global availability, local expertise
    This year’s participation in ICFF is the result of Basalte’s extensive experience in the North American premium residential markets, with completed projects in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Aspen … While still honouring its European design roots, Basalte ensures that all its products match the specific requirements & expectations of the North-American market.

    Basalte products are currently sold in +60 countries. Basalte representatives worldwide can provide product introductions and offer all necessary commercial & technical support to handle your project, whether it’s in New York, London, the Middle East, Australia etc. We only work with the best home automation professionals on the market and offer them our full and direct support. This is the only way to guarantee the best possible level of installation and service.


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  • Basalte is a Belgian manufacturer of design technology solutions for premium smart homes. Their products combine many functionalities & a great usability with a high-quality build & finish. All Basalte products are handmade in Belgium.


    Touch-sensitive switches
    Basalte switches are designed to intuitively control lights, screens, climate and even music in Crestron, Lutron or KNX home automation systems! They are touch-sensitive, opening a world of possibilities thanks to our unique multitouch technology. Because of the timeless design, Basalte switches blend in every architectural style. No wonder, since you can choose from a comprehensive set of high-quality finishes, including aluminum, brass, glass and even leather! Last but not least: all Sentido switches can be flush mounted and custom engraved to your client’s wishes.
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    Elegant thermostats
    Deseo is the intelligent design thermostat by Basalte for Crestron, Lutron and KNX home automation systems. It is available in the same form and finishes as the other Basalte switches, to subtly blend in or to serve as a true design statement. With its touch-sensitive sensors, you can easily change the set point, temperature mode and fan speed. Thanks to the unique multitouch function, you can quickly turn all lights on and off in a room.
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    Subtle motion sensing
    Auro is a small, fast and versatile motion sensor to automatically turn the lights on in your hallway, restrooms, meeting rooms and more. It also hosts a temperature and light sensor, as well as LEDs to use it as a night light. Thanks to its completely flush design and visible diameter of only 2”, Auro is almost invisible. For certain applications, Basalte also offers a wall version in the same form & finishes as its switches: perfect for a stairway case with open ceiling! Auro integrates with Crestron, Lutron and KNX home automation systems.
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    iPads at your fingertips
    The iPad is used in so many applications at home and at work. To keep your iPad readily available, permanently charged and easy to take with you, Basalte created the Eve mounts. These are precision machined from high-quality finishes like aluminum and boast a minimalist design that only adds the bare minimum to the iPad’s iconic design. Even Apple uses Eve mounts in their offices worldwide.
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  • AURO
    Auro is a miniature motion sensor for smart home systems. It’s almost invisible thanks to its innovative flush design, and offers more than just motion sensing. More info below & at

  • Auro is a small, fast and almost invisible motion detector for Crestron, Lutron and KNX smart home systems. Thanks to its innovate flush design, it perfectly blends in any interior. Auro has an integrated motion, temperature and light sensor and additionally features LEDs to serve as a night light in a dark hall way. A wall version in the same design and finishes as the Basalte switches is also available, for a perfect match in any interior!

    Developed and handmade in Belgium. Visible diameter is 2”. Auro is globally available.

    Sentido is a design switch for smart home systems. Thanks to its innovative touch technology, you can easily control lights, shades, climate and even music! The switch is handmade in Belgium. More info below & at

  • The Sentido design switch is touch-sensitive to easily control lights, scenes, shades, climate and even music, thanks to the patented multitouch technology!

    It's available in high-end finishes like bronze, aluminum or brass and is designed for Crestron, Lutron and KNX home automation systems. With the unique multitouch functionalities, you can quickly turn the lights on and off in a room, using a welcome or goodbye scene. Consequently, Sentido offers a very easy and unique way of control.

    The Enzo switch offers the same functionalities and innovative touch-technology as the Sentido switch, but its finishes distinguish themselves as the retro alternative, in black or white. Enzo features rounded edges with a high-quality inlay available in leather or glass. The finishing touch for your smart home's interior!

    The switch’s visible dimensions are 3.15” x 3.15”: exactly the same as our Deseo temperature control keypad! Deseo is also available in the same finishes like aluminum, bronze, brass, glass, leather…

    Developed and handmade in Belgium. Sentido is globally available.

    Deseo is a touch-sensitive keypad to easily control climate in your room, while boasting a sleek European design in high-quality finishes like aluminum, bronze, brass, glass, leather… More info below & at

  • Deseo offers a simple and innovative OLED user interface to control the HVAC system and lights in your room, as it integrates with Crestron, Lutron and KNX smart home systems. Thanks to its sophisticated design and high-quality finishes, Deseo nicely blends in every architectural style.

    The touch-sensitive surfaces are used to conveniently manage set point, fan speed & temperature modes. A nice additional feature is the multitouch to quickly turn all lights on and off in a room, using a welcome or goodbye scene.

    The keypad’s visible dimensions are 3.15” x 3.15”: exactly the same as our Sentido/Enzo design switches! Deseo is also available in the same finishes like aluminum, bronze, brass, glass, leather…

    Developed and handmade in Belgium. Deseo is globally available.

  • EVE
    The minimalist Eve mounts/docks make your iPad accessible wherever you need it, both in residential and public projects, for any kind of application with optional charging & security features. More info below & at

  • Eve is an elegant and refined mount for iPad and iPod touch. As smart home, office and hospitality systems today are more and more controlled with iPad, Eve is the perfect solution to secure your iPad in style on the wall or table while keeping it permanently charged. Eve is simple in design, installation and use.

    Eve mounts are precision machined out of a single block of high-grade aluminum and are available in various high-quality finishes such as brushed aluminum, brushed black and satin white to beautifully blend in your interior.

    After its European introduction this spring, the new Eve Plus dock will have its American premiere at ICFF! Eve Plus is an iPad docking station in the same minimalist design as the fixed Eve mounts and will soon be available for latest iPad 5th & 6th generation, as a wall or table base.

    Developed and handmade in Belgium, Eve is globally available and compatible with all available iPads and iPod touch 5/6.  

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