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Woodform Concrete for ICFF by JM Lifestyles


  • Woodform Concrete®
    Woodform Concrete® looks like wood but acts like stone. Now you can have "wood without the worry." This revolutionary process can be used Indoors and Outdoors for Furniture, Countertops, Vanity, Tubs, Wall Panels, Tiles, Fireplaces, and Tables....

  • JM Lifestyles has created something extraordinary from which everyone can benefit.  WoodForm Concrete® is a lightweight engineered composite that looks like wood and acts like stone. It will not split, crack, splinter, stain or rot. Multiple color choices, edge details, accessories and more make this material a must-have if you truly want the look of, “wood without the worry”.  This revolutionary product enables wood to be used in areas that real wood would be impossible or impractical and last for generations. This product has more than 50% recycled content, 0% waste in its production, it's lightweight and easy to transport, will last longer than wood and has a lower Embodied Energy in its production. Real wood produces up to 70% waste from the time a tree is cut down. With a purchase of WoodForm Concrete Island, Table, or vanity, you are supporting positive change for the future health of you and your children. 
  • Real Concrete
    JM Lifestyles is known for many different concrete finishes. Real Concrete is our traditional, "smooth" concrete finish. Little sand exposure allows for a true creme of the cement finish....

  • Real Concrete is used for many products:  Furniture, Wall Panels, Countertops, Fire pits, BBQs, Tables,  Office Furniture, Retail Displays, Vanities, Tubs and Fireplaces.  Applications include indoor and outdoor.  Our mix is a proprietary light weight fiber reinforced cement that is only 7-10lbs a sq foot.  This material can also go longer spans without seams than any other surfacing material.  
  • LavaCrete
    LavaCrete is our concrete with glowing geodic forms embedded in the concrete....

  • LavaCrete is a translucent glowing concrete that is tan or amber when unlit.  It is illuminated by LED Illuminators through fiber optic cables.  The concrete finishes can be JM Lifestyles' proprietary Limestone finish or Terrazzo finish.  These materials can be used indoors or out.  Outdoors should be covered not in direct sun.  use this product for countertops, table tops, vanities, bars, wall panels, floor tiles, and much more.  
  • Boardformed Concrete
    BoardFormed Concrete is a two layered composite concrete that is 6.5lbs per sq ft at 3/4" thick. This system comes sealed and is used for wall applications: Cabinets, Wall Panels, Fireplaces, Retail Displays and Bar bases....

  • BoardFormed Concrete is not made to look like wood but made to look like it is poured up against wood.  It is an industrial texture and a great accent piece.  This material can also be bent so we can add lighting and planting features  as a great accent!

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